June 28, 2012

Cameron County Judges allowed use of Penile Pumps during Court Sessions, except during Family Law Trials.

Cameron County has issued a statement to their body of Judges that they are allowed to use penile pumps while in Court Sessions without no legal repercussions towards their careers.  This news comes to a surprise for the Oklahoma Court System that back in 2006 convicted former Judge Donald Thompson of lewd behavior and denied him his pension benefits when the Judge was surprised using a penile pump during court proceedings.  Cameron County Judge Nietzsche started the proceedings back in 2008, stating that Judicial Judges and Magistrates as well as District Attorneys work over 60 hours a week and some of them lack time to attend to sexual  therapy counseling.  the Supreme Court also took into consideration Judge Nietzche pleads that this new law will benefit the Judges and their sexual health making the divorce rate and infidelity rate drop 5%  in the next two years in their work staff.  The Supreme court has been toying with the idea of allowing penile pumps during Magistrate Court Sessions and Criminal Court Sessions to allow this new rule for the past seven months, allowing  middle age Judges that suffer from Erectile Dysfunction to be able to receive during regular working hours their therapy that can include the usage of clamps and  popular penile pumps.  Judges will have the freedom to use the penile pumps at their own discretion up to seven times a day, the only restriction is set for Family Law Judges and Legal Representatives that work in Family law not allowing them to use the penile pump devices during their court sessions but  are allowed to two hours a day disposal of  penile therapy in the privacy of their offices or restrooms. Cameron County is giving the participants until July 17th the opportunity of submitting medical paperwork that will validate their claim of usage of the pumps, as well as photographic evidence, brand of pump and Doctors orders that will validate their claim that they are in dire need of sexual counseling and therapy and that the use of the medical device is recommended and beneficial for their health and work performance.  Judge Nietzsche posted  in his Facebook page that the usage of "clamps or cock rings" and  "hanging" that consists of attaching to the glans a weighted device will not be allowed in any court of law or offices but if the employee can prove with a signed medical order that this therapy is beneficial for them to go ahead and discreetly hire an assistant that can perform the therapy during their lunch hours or days off in the privacy of their own homes.

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