June 6, 2012

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake strikes near Brownsnsville

In an unprecedented event, a small magnitude earthquake reaching the 4.6 scale was felt around the area of downtown Brownsville, shattering some windows and creating havok for several minutes near the new Brownsville bus terminal. After several calls to 911 from frantic tourists that were waiting for their bus departures, that were delayed twelve minutes because of the incident, several Brownsville police department officers and their squad cars approached cautiously the area and came to the conclusion that the tremor was provoked by the incognito arrival of Brownsville own Mr. Erasmo Castro also known as "Brownsville Cheezmeh if i don't like your comments ill berate you senselessly and block you from my page, I lord of donuts and faithful  pup".

Mr. Castro arrived in town just in time for memorial day weekend and recent elections where he was been more than vocal on his Facebook page publicly stirring up drama in Brownsville own newspapers paying offensive ads with money that he religiously gathers from ten or twelve Brownsville cheezmeh members.  No word yet from his secretary based in Austin, Texas as how he is going to pay the damages incurred in twelve small businesses in the downtown area, most likely he will leech it out from his few blind, faithful admirers.

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