June 10, 2012

thrifty installment # 26 Never leave your job.

Well unless you're lucky enough to work at home for instance crack dealing or prostitution then you have to go to a remote place to work. Many people name this place their job. Some people talk about this place while expressing a face of pain. But it has been proven the more hours you spend at your job the more dimes you will find in your pocket. Also if you are working then you will spend less money entertaining yourself with pricey objects such as magazines and beer. Other objects can also be found at most jobs free of charge such as water and toilet paper. If you are not working right now you may want to ask yourself why? Second and third jobs can often be found to fill all hours of the day. One note of caution be sure to turn off the electricity to your home as well as water and other resources to discourage moochers and so-called family from wasting your hard earned dollars.

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