April 13, 2013

Mayor Tony Martinez to lease plots of land in Cameron Park to the University of Texas at Brownsville

Mayor Tony Martinez confirmed this week that he intended to lease and sell plots of land located in the Cameron Park subdivision to the University of Texas at Brownsville to start building as soon as possible several dorms and the new art center starting summer 2014.

The University has been surveying several buildings and plots of land all over Brownsville since the decision was made earlier this year that the University was parting ways with TSTC.  Juliet Garcia had shown interest in leasing several decrepit buildings in the historical section of Downtown Brownsville but now is official that the University will lease and purchase several plots located at Cameron Park to immediately begin construction of several dorms and apartments for future students and a new engineering center for the University.

Mayor Martinez explained to the Brownsville Herald that the plots of land are indeed private homes that are in the process of being foreclosed by the banks.  Cameron Park residents are encouraged to log on to the Cameron County Website where they will be notified if their plot or home will be leased or purchased by the University. Residents will have six months to make arrangements with their banks or mortgage company before the University starts building and acquiring the lots.

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