April 30, 2013

Brownsville Pepping Tom falls Through Roof at UTB campus

A pepping tom from the neighboring town of Brownsville, Texas was arrested today when he fell through the roof of the woman's restroom in Tandy Hall located in the UTB campus.

Eliseo Ramirez sustained injuries to his face, nose and wrists when he decided to climb through an AC vent shoot  that connects the women's and men's restroom during a break from his classes located at famous Tandy Hall.  The thin roof gave in and Mr. Ramirez fell to the floor hitting himself on a toilet breaking his nose and wrist in the process, five female students ran out of the restroom in panic but they were able to compose themselves when they heard Mr. Ramirez groaning and screaming in pain deciding to call 911 and campus security.

Brownsville PD arrested student Eliseo Ramirez when he was released from Valley Baptist Hospital later that evening and they were able to confiscate from his belongings over 200 hours of video that depicts female students using several restrooms through out  campus as well as several hundreds photographs that he took when unsuspected female students were using skirts and were seated next to the him while he was attending lectures at the university.

The University is going to make public some image and video to the students in their website and is urging students to come forward if they recognize themselves in the pictures or video so they can press charges against this pepping tom.

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