April 24, 2013

San Benito Woman Arrested after leaving infant alone to go Clubbing.

A San Benito woman was arrested outside Medusa's Lounge this weekend after neighbors called the San Benito Police Department because of a child wailing and crying for hours in a locked up apartment.  Alma Castillo was finally located by her sister that told Brownsville Police Department and CPS investigators that her sister was out working and had left the four month old baby boy in the apartment because she could not afford a babysitter.

Miss Castillo sister later changed her story stating that the boy was only left alone for less than an hour when CPS her about  Miss Castillo job and if they could contact her.  Alma Castillo was arrested when she was leaving Medusa Lounge and Bar in the company of her boyfriend and several friends that told police that when asked about the baby boy if he was with relatives or a sitter that Miss Castillo replied " i took care of that problem".

Miss Castillo was charged with abandonment of a child and also arrested for Public Intoxication and Disorderly conduct for resisting the arrest.  The baby boy was rushed to Valley Baptist were staff notice that he presented an acute case of dehydration and several bruises to his legs and back side.

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