April 3, 2013

UTB Arts Center Gone! Staff to wrap up series of Concerts before Center being Demolished August 2013

The University of Texas at Brownsville confirmed on Tuesday that the Arts Center staff of 3 individuals composed by Dr Barnyard and two colleagues will cease to exist and that orders to demolish the state of the art building are under way and scheduled this summer during the month of August. The Art Center committee is still going to be able to sponsor and cater to two major concerts scheduled this week and an will not cancel the Mozart series of events it had scheduled for the month of September.  UTB president Juliet Garcia stated that the building was not pulling in weight and that space could be use for either more parking or more offices for the Administration of Business Affairs.  TSTC college had told the University it will lease the building for ten years so it would not be destroyed but the University of Texas at Brownsville could not come to an agreement and has decided to demolish the state of the art building this summer.

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