April 2, 2013

First Grader Transgender student Sues BISD.

BISD is under attack by concerned parents of a seven year old that was told that he could not use the girls restroom at a local elementary school near parades road.  Parents of the boy that goes by the name of Sofia have gone public because they want BISD to change its policies regarding diverse gender students in the county and because they feel there is no need for their seven year old son that identifies with being a female, using girls clothing and acting like one, also using the girls restroom   The Assistant Principal at such location declined to comment but did confirm that concerned parents came to his office and demanded for the boy to use the restroom located in the teachers lounge or the boys restroom because their children did not understand how come a boy was wearing girls clothing and using their an all girls restroom.

BISD officials have denied any problem but they did listened to the concerned parents and have asked the parents of "Sofia" to show proper medical documentation that will prove he is a transgender and are willing to offer therapy to the boy and assign him his own restroom facility.

The parents of "Sofia" have decided to take this matter to court and sue the school district because they feel their child does not need therapy or to go under gross medical examinations to prove to the school district that he is in fact transgender and because they feel the parents of his child classmates are bullying him and harassing him since his own teacher was the one that ratted him in front of the whole classroom instead of taking him to the principal office and tried to explain in private why he could not use the girls restroom.

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