April 1, 2013

Heroine and Human Remains stashed at Old Brownsville Cemetary

$500,000 dollars worth of Heroine and a decomposing body were found stashed in an abandoned crypt in Brownsville's own old Cemetery   The grim remainders of what it seems to be a young female clutching bundles of heroine were discovered by two residents of this town that were cleaning up the crypt after receiving complaints that an awful stench was emanating from the broken glass window.

The family that is in charge of taking care of the crypt had informed Brownsville PD that they have noticed young people breaking in the crypt and engaging in sexual activities and getting high in the interior of the small crypt, they had grown tired of always buying new windows and locks to keep off the premises the unwanted vandals but it had not been successful.

Brownsville PD and local ICE agents have confiscated the Heroine and are investigating and interviewing neighbors that live near the alleys and streets of the cemetery   There is a $25,000 dollars reward for anyone that can come foward and help out in the investigation as to the identity of the young girl that was wearing skinny black jeans with an ed hardy white shirt and black converse tennis shows, she had ample tattoos on her hands and torso.

Visibly clutched in her hands were two bundles of black tar and when investigators removed the body they noticed several more bundles buried and some fresh dirt removed leading them to believe that the persons involved in the murder went back several days ago to retrieve the murder weapon or drugs.

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