April 18, 2013

UTB Staff Members caught performing sexual acts at Arts Center

Juana Martinez and Nicolas Espinoza staff members from UT were arrested earlier this morning near the Arts Center Building when students complained that a couple was performing oral sex in a parked car.  BPD  was immediately called to the area where they were able to identify the car and make the arrest.

The two staff members were taken into custody stating that they were just talking, but the man had his pants down to his knees and Miss Martinez was not wearing a bra and her blouse was open.  The University  had released a statement warning students and faculty to not engage in sexual or lewd acts in public in or around campus.  Security for the University stated that in the past two months twelve couples have been detained and arraigned with lewd charges when they discovered performing sexual acts near the Arts Center and Set B building.

Surveillance video showed that the faculty members had in fact been videotaped for at least two weeks engaging in sexual behavior near the same spot within the same vehicle.  Investigators are planning to use the footage at court day to prove at court that the couple has in fact received warnings in the past.

The University posted on their website that the faculty members were placed on paid suspension following an internal investigation that will decide if they will be able to return to work at the college.

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