April 9, 2013

Flea Market 77 closed due to Veterinarians selling Ferrets as Poodles.

Dozens of people have been scammed in South America into buying toy poodles that are actually ferrets injected with steroids and are being overfeed, but now several residents in Cameron  have come forward and have admitted that they too were duped into buying the furry rats after vendors at the flea market  777 told them that they were actually toy poodles puppies while also showing off paperwork claiming that the dogs were registered and legit.

Authorities have decided to close down the flea market this week a midst investigations that blame the actual owners of the flea market as the ones responsible for not double checking with the veterinarians from abilene that set shop in their grounds and sold over 55 ferrets to unknowing customers that payed over 450 dollars for the fake poodles over a period of five weeks.

 BPD is questioning the owners of the flea market to release the names and id's of the veterinarians as wells as their addresses and is hoping to obtain information about the vendors from the dozens of buyers that upon seeing in the news a similar story that happened over the weekend in Argentina decided to call the authorities and alert them that they were also victims of the scam and that they want their money back or at least  obtain the dogs  they were promised.

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