July 1, 2013

Brownsville PD Cops that are Overweight " We really need the extra weight because of Cameron's County Landscape" place on a diet.

Sheriff Lucio statements to the Brownsville Monitor that the Police Department officers and detectives do not need to go on a diet or weight training because the landscape and geographical location of the county does not require for the officials to be fit alarmed concerned citizens that are appalled at the ignorance in the PD and worried with the recent spike of burglary of mobile homes and increased theft of vehicles in the West Side of Brownsville.

The PD released a silly statement letting citizens know that is better for the officers to "float" due to the ever shrinking resacas and the proximity to the Rio Grande River than to actually be fit and lite to run after the robbers, so they are seriously considering revoking an out of the blue membership deal with freddomm fitness and with the FBI stating that they do not need to lose weight and that their officers are better equipped being a little extra fat because they are no hills in the area, only flat, deserted lots.

good grief.

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