July 16, 2013

Kmart "GOING OUT OF THE BUSINESS SALE" this weekend 50%, 60% and 70% OFF!

Kmart store located at 2454 Pablo Kisel Blvd is going out of the business and is hosting a four day weekend starting this thursday at 5:30 a.m. opening the store and slashing prices and reducing merchandise in this extreme sale.  The store is going to be offering discounts up to 70% on all items even items that are already in sale, store management are forced to enforced this margin call due to the decline in sales of the once famous Kmart franchise that boomed in the early 70's in the cameron county area.  Kmart management and owners are hoping that during these four day sale weekend, residents from the Rio Grande Valley and neighboring towns of Reynosa and Monterrey will be delighted in acquiring at cheap prices furniture, shoes, garden items and clothes so that the store would not experience another loss of almost 245,000 dollars for this month of July.

All items are sold as is and there is no limit for the customer, if they noticed that the items already have a discount or are in sale they can get more discount toward it when they check out.

For the first 200 customers arriving at the store Kmart employees are going to be offering a continental breakfast and cold ice coffee in the parking lot.

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