July 20, 2013

Southmost Family homeless after crew demolishes wrong House.

A southmost family of eight are asking for the public help with donations of clothes, baby items, groceries and furniture following a terrible mistake when Cameron Works employees mistakenly demolished the wrong home early yesterday morning.

Some of the residents of the home were still in the house sleeping when they felt the ground shake and amidst screams and worried neighbors trying to get the attention of the crew so they could stop the demolition they were able to run out of the house and into the street before the 3 room home collapsed on part of the driveway.

Maria Enriquez of Brownsville, Texas with her four children aged 12, 14, 17 and a 21 year old were able to flee the residence and called 911 to inform them of the mistake.  Cameron Works employee did not stopped the demolition even though neighbors informed them of their mistake by showing them the decrepit building to the left of the home that had actual notices on its fence labeling it condemned.

The family has set up a Facebook account and is hoping people from the Valley can help them with donations or by donating furniture, televisions sets or a telephone so that they can get back on their feet, no word yet if Cameron Works is going to help the family that decided to spend the night with their neighbors.

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