July 24, 2013

Catalina Resas Garcia under arrest for sexual misconduct

Catalina Recias Garcia was taken into custody a midst allegations that she sexually harassed an attorney that was hired by the board to oversee any legal problems with the county.  The name of the attorney is being kept confidential while investigators and members of the BISD party gather evidence and testimony to present in court in due time.

Miss Garcia stated in her FB page that she was in fact the victim of this lawyer that was constantly houndind her to go out for drinks and a movie but that sadly she chose not to go ahead and file a complaint and there are no eyewitness that can come foward and validate her claim that the lawyer was always being flirty and sexual around her.

The board voted against her stating that they have reason to believe she is in fact using her position in the school board to harass and sexually manipulate the male members of the board and they are in talks with BPD investigators because they claim that they have audio recordings and videotape of such encounters.

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