June 28, 2013

New details emerge on child left in a hot car seat in the city of weslaco

Weslaco PD is releasing new details in order to get the publics help into apprehending a band of thieves that have been hitting the local Walmart and HEB stores thought cameron county.   It all started with an anonymous tipster telling the local PD that it was no accident the recent event when a child was left in a car seat early afternoon outside a Walmart store, the anonymous caller stated that its all part of plan where a group of seven individuals that reside in the town of brownsville use as a scapegoat to go inside the stores and steal thousands dollars worth of electronics, clothes and makeup.

 The parents of the child that was mysteriously released from police custody have failed to appear in the police department and its now known that the female that picked up the child provided false I'd and stated she was his "aunt" and that she just had gone in the Walmart lobby to retrieve a cart for the child when she notice all the commotion surrounding her SUV and proceeded to inform detectives and police officers that where called to the scene that it was all a "misunderstanding".

Surveillance footage show the lady spending approximately ten minutes just sitting besides a cart and running to the car as soon as she saw the police aprocahing the vehicle, all the time she had her cellphone with her and she was using it.  At the same time she is seen sitting besides cart two females I. Their early twenties dressed in black with piercings in their face parked next to the vehicle, waved and talked to the boy through the vehicle and quickly entered  the store.  They are seen leaving the store amidst the commotion with two carts filled with two flat screen TVs , several jeans, a monitor, bags of makeup and beer, quickly getting all the merchandise into a white Nissan Altima and speeding away.

If you have any information on the child, the woman seen on the video or the two young teens, the Weslaco PD is offering a reward of  10000 dollars to anyone that comes foward and helps the cameron county police district help locate and bring them in for questioning.

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