July 25, 2013

BREAKING NEWS firetruck from Fire Station 2 at St Charles crashes into neighbors Residence

Concerned neighbors of St Charles street reported to our newsroom that around 9:15 p.m. a fire truck exiting from the fire station 2 lost control and crashed into a residence completely destroying the fence and taking down a beloved shrine to the Virgen of Guadalupe that is a major tourist stop for residents and tourists that pass by this residence.

Neighbors were upset that the police was not called and that members of the fire station used their flash lights to inspect the damage and place orange cones to divert traffic but never called the police or tried to calm down the owners of the property that are known to be well into their 80's and appeared disoriented as to why the fire truck was in their driveway.  People that witnessed the accident were saddened and pissed off that a famous shrine to Virgen de Guadalupe that lies in the couple garden was destroyed by the accident and that some firefighters were seen laughing about it.

The fire department did not wanted to be identified by concerned neighbors and tried to hush down the accident taking into consideration that owners of the home are elderly and could be easily persuaded to not call the Brownsville PD to fill up a report of the accident.

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