July 21, 2013

Brownsville Bloggers go at it!! LITERALLY...

When i was a little boy i use to ride in the country with my old granpa
but on day they came along and tried to snatch so i rode to new orleans and got lost
in a ditch....

diego lee rot.

i was going to keep quiet
i was not going to let go any sounds
of gas, discontent, or jealousy.

i am like the rest an impoverished soul
selfless and light i touch the screen of the great apple
and surround myself of plight

the brownsville bloggers are at it again!
posting the same ol' shit over and over
they quarrel and sin and lie and deceit.

they post the same old photographs and sit in their shit
they scratch at their balls and play unhealthy games with sinful mediocre
women and ladies online.

i know the truth. i read it. years ago. i travelled to get away
and they followed me
subjecting the womans pussy that i whipped to undeniable terror.

i laugh and cry when i read these wannabe preachers of the world!
poor Brownsville
what a foe!
i was strumming my guitar and made 3 kids appear

i sit under the bamboo i pulled from the ground with my cousin
i sing the blues but got tired of it and you know it
the heart is wide and blue and pink too

oh poor Brownsville i so much love
these bloggers are running with core
are singing and fighting and sucking their cocks
white sperm slides from their back

i keep quiet
i keep still and no one can make me mad

i know that you fuck up and cheat and steal
and no one will defy that.

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