February 24, 2013

First guero from Arkansas to participate in the 2013 charro days parade festivities..

In an unprecedented chain of events, blogger James Barton and his wife Nena Barton have helped a native of Arkansas to finally feel welcome in this city and made it possible for him to participate in the upcoming festivities in Brownsville annual charro days parade where Mr. Wilson will be demonstrated old and young attendees of the parade old school dances and will be attending the inauguration opening ceremony in utb/tsc Gorgas Hall where he will be playing the banjo me delighting the crowds with old Americana traditional dances.

Mr Wilson is delighted to be living in this county and grateful to mean mister Brownsville blogger Mr. Barton for showing him great hospitality that lead to Mr. Wilson meeting and marrying a Mexican national that lives in Los Fresnos, Texas.

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