February 24, 2013

FACEBOOK to implement an app to find out if your significant other cheats on you online!

Is about time
facebook is going to be implementing an app that will sound a bell and send an email notification when it notices that a person is committing adultery or cheating online.

Facebook will let the users friends list know that the messages are being sent and if the user does not unfriend the men or woman he or she is cheating or flirting with online, it will forward all the dirty, sexy, perverted messages and contact local authorities.

Facebook will also send an email notification to the victim and will let she or he know thru twitter, instagram, webstragram, myspace, google chrome, gmail and other websites of the cheating as it occurring online so that the person can know what his better half is doing behind his or her back and decide in either dumping them, screaming at them or taking their house, wallet and dog.

Facebook CEO is not going to let the cheaters go so easy, the fowarding of the messages and nasty details of the cheating will be shown to all the users friends, posted on albums and on the web, in a way is better that way, why live in denial?

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