June 22, 2013

3 year old toddler breaks leg while walking in West Side Bike Trail, Family Plans to Sue the City.

A 3  year old toddler suffered an accident when workers of Cameron Works left a hole uncovered and unprotected.  The family of the young toddler told Channel Four News that they have been using the bike trail after hours so that their kids can get some exercise but that they did not notice the big hole uncovered where their little son fell into thus hurting his face and breaking one leg.

Medical Dispatchers were called and had a difficult time maneuvering throughout out all the holes, construction pipes, lose sand and tons of steel rods that lay around and in plain view in the bike trail.  One EMS worker had to be carried out in a stretcher after impaling himself with a steel rod while trying to secure a way to get the toddler out of the hole that held his nearly severed leg that was dangling just by the tendons.

The 3 year old is still listed in critical condition in Valley Baptist Clinic and his parents are asking the public for donations for the increasing medical expenses that are piling up because the child is not an US citizen and the parents are not capable of providing Medicaid for the child.

Also, the parents who are long residents of the neighboring town of Reynosa are planning to sue the county and the constrution company for failing to put up signs and leaving holes and tons of equipment and material laying around the bike trail.  The family is planning to bring to justice the people responsible for this accident.    

An account has been opened with IBC bank and people interested in helping the parents of this young boy can do so and can deposit any donation on account number 134567789 under the name Rosalio Pena.

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