June 26, 2013

Lady Gaga adopts Nigerian Twins diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

During her recent visit to Nigeria, Lady Gaga stunned the her fans when she posted in her twitter account a picture of her and two Nigerian babies, one girls and boy.  Her major fan base who called themselves "Little Monsters" are torn between giving her support and being happy at her recent news of adopting six month old fraternal twins one of the twins has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

The singer has exclaimed in the past that she would love to be a young mother and have tons of babies and she is well known for all her charities and work with underprivileged children and for mentoring children with special disabilities.  Lady Gaga partner was seen flying with her into LA earlier this week, holding the baby girl and boasting all over his instagram account pictures with the smiling twins.

Lady Gaga has received some criticism from more conservative viewers stating that her use of drugs and lifestyle is not the best environment for raising up children and they are planning to inform the Nigerian Adoption Council about the singers lifestyle claiming she is not fit to be a good mother to those children.

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