February 5, 2012

How to make a living with scrap metal in Brownsville Texas or any city....

Honorable men in suits honorable men in uniform men living off salvage of mass America hungry animals scrapyards churning drinking down metal like thirsty winos. How can I make money with salvage metals? How can I find a hungry bitch? Look around you metal abounds. Like rocks on the ground. If greed is driving you to succeed then you already have everything that you need. See that piece of metal that a minute ago was trash? Pick it up! Look around again. In the ditch. In the trash bin. Dig m*therf*cker. Now grin.

So this one played me for a fool. Ran me around town and made me look like an idiot . Oh no god is the end of everything? So you stand on the edge of the sand in America and think I can't snatch you up like a cricket. Of course the shiny metals like cars or trailers are worth the most. Cars that are not being used are always fair game for scraping. Light posts or newspaper stands also bring a fair amount. Electrical wire ,air conditioners, and old aluminum boats all will put money in the bank.

These days metal prices are at a premium. The enemy of the scrap man is the price of gas. So a good time to scrap can be during the night. When traffic is at a minimum and few people are awake to question your doings. Start honing your skills in your own neighborhood first. Consider yourself a crusader on the front lines of urban renewal. Helping your slobbering neighbors free themselves of the some of the rusting clutter that's covering their yards like a moldy butter. The brats are long gone why do they still need that swing set? That pervert abuses little boys why does he deserve a air conditioner?

Then follow the white flight. Construction sites at the edge of town often order surplus materials. Often extra power tools can also be found lying around. Very welcome friends when attempting to remove a tire from a rim. How long has that car been broken down on the side of the road? Look the cops already tagged it with a sticker. It looks like it's scheduled for removal later on today. Maybe we should just help move this little problem out of the way.

Take some initiative! Take a little bit don't just give give give! No one ever wanted you. You were expelled from the start. Left for dead with a broken heart. Punch in punch out. What a hearty laugh you are. Stand in the sun and push dirt around with a shovel? Balance 1000 cans of beans on the edge of a ledge at three o'clock in the morning? Or for the ambitious sit in a classroom day after day listening to some f*ggot explain where methane comes from so someday you can be qualified to change bedpans and roll cold bodies to the freezer. It doesn't have to be. Take it from me. The answer is is in your hands or laying around. Put on your work gloves and get out there!

No success can avoid haters and cheaters so beware of other scrapers and beware of the tilted scales. Your most likely gonna have to work alone so I hope you like yourself. Of course when the money starts rolling it people suddleny appear to share the wealth. This city can be a desolate place there is a illusion of money here but it's tricky to realize. So if your looking for honor I hope you find it but I think there are pieces of honor everywhere.

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