August 14, 2015

Eduardo Paz-Martinez Reflects Part Two

"Desert loving in your eyes all the way
 if I listened to your lies would you say 
 I'm a man without conviction 
 i'm a man who doesn't know 
 how to sell a contradiction 
 you come and go 
 you come and go." 
 Culture Club

The dark bar felt cool and wet. There was good air circulation from many fans and what looked to be a new air-conditioning system partially exposed in the corner. Hugh, who I learned was the owner when he let me in earlier, was still whizzing around. His help had arrived and were busy blowing up balloons, laughing loudly as some popped. The sight of it all was causing me to feel drowsy but finally I heard a specialized knock on the back door.
"There's little D!" Hugh sung out.
"Oh good!" I thought, as I sat up in my chair.
Duardo came in cooly strolling from the back of the bar with a large, flowery drink in his left hand. I stood up to greet him, stretching out my hand to shake, not sure if he would be able to see my hand with his sunglasses on. As we shook hands his long fingernails poked at my wrist but I pretended not to notice and we sat down.
"You're early huh? I like that. I had a doctors appointment."
"Oh I see that," I said, pointing to the bandage on his forearm. "Are you OK?"
"Sure, I am," Duardo said. "Yes, the doctor was just checking my blood. The thing is, Jimmy boy, I'm a man who likes to help however I can. I wanted to help my family, but it seems like they don't want my help, so I guess I'll just help the town I love so much. This town. Our town. And, the thing is this town needs a ton of help and that's why I messaged you. I will be requiring an assistant. There's just too much work to be done here.
"Oh, I see," I said.
"Yes, I've been reading your blog and I think you have what it takes to be my assistant."
"Oh, that's great Mr. Martinez, but the thing is how much time will this be requiring as I have a city job. I'm sorry to have to ask this but what will it be paying?"
Little D tilted his head forward, his glasses sliding down low on his nose. His brown eyeballs stared at me, twitching. "Boy, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. I'm giving you a chance to learn the ropes. Real journalism. Journalism is a fast-paced game. I need a driver. My car is my office and I need to be available to answer phone calls and such.
"Oh, driving the puddle jumper?" I said.
"No, the puddle jumper is in the shop right now. If you want something to last, you have to do preventive maintenance.
"But how did you get here?" I asked.
"Of course, I have the funds to stay wherever I want but, for the present time, I am living above this bar. I like to stay connected with the streets. Are you with me or not?"
"WelI. think I should call my wife."
"Really? It's like that. You're pussy whipped?"
"Well, no," I said.
Duardo stood up and walked out the door, swinging it wildly. I followed him out into the unforgiving heat.


  1. Jimmy,
    Which one of your little boys wrote this juvenile piece of shit?

  2. Wa jajaja...Eduardo PAZ Martinez, going a little crazy dude? You fell into the trap., you geezer. You were told once who Diego the sister is feeding you stuff to throw you off the scent.....and comparing a black lab to your son-in-law? You got to do better than that.....keep sucking that Mandingo cock.... HAHAHAHHAHAHA!

  3. LMMFAO! Good one sir, the dog comparison was stupid.....and Eduardo PAZ Martinez is trying to attract males with the way he is sucking on the straw....HAHAHAHA!

  4. Eduardo PAZ Martinez has closed yet another everything else in his life he has started...he has quit. He quit at his jobs. He quit at his MARRIGE. He quit on his daughter. He quit the workforce and is now a moocher..HAHAHAHA

  5. A Romani...also spelled Romany, is the political correct way to refer to a gypsy. To call a Romani a gypsy is like calling a black man the N word. Well Eduardo PAZ Martinez is a Gypsy. He goes from place to place...not staying long because he overstays his welcome. He is a what he calls everyone else....a PENDEJO, a FOODSTAMP recipient, a bum. Being all those things does not bother the out of work internet pest....he has grown fond of his shortcomings....accepted them. So he lashes out bravely behind a keyboard. He does so anonymously....then bashes others for doing the same....HAHAHAHHAHAHA!

  6. Duardo's family are hoping he well get picked up for 72 hour observation. They are so damned tired of him.

  7. All the above comments are by the same idiot......yawn . ...please do everyone a favor and shut this weak blog the fuck down !

    1. Took you ball and went home huh Eduardo? You are a loser dude..your family knows it too. Wooped you so good that you went into hiding...hahahaha!

  8. " swinging it wildly" please elaborate.