August 29, 2015

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society to Declare Chapter 7

This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth.”—Matthew 24:14....

The Watchtower Society new website has the above scripture on its page, but it seems unlikely they will be able to preach the word of Jesus Christ anytime soon around the world, because as  of today, the JW organization  have declared themselves bankrupt and in dire need of financial help due to bad investments.  The Watchtower website sadly announced to its millions of followers though out the world that it has decided to stop funding several JW housing projects that it was building for Jehovah Witnesses residing in South Africa and in Mexico City. The news that one of the world largest, popular and demanding sect is going bankrupt comes to big surprise to the catholic and baptist community of the United States that for years have been trying to implement the watchtower teachings in the followers as " work of the devil" and " a dangerous sect that needs to be abolished from our country".

The Watchtower society has not informed its followers why it went bankrupt and what is going to happen to all the JW around the world that speak out in conventions and go door to door to spread the word of their organization.  As for now, the JW website is just asking for JW in the Country to stay put, keep on knocking door to door, abusing their children into submission, still not letting their family members listen to music, enjoy sex, enjoy Facebook  wear ties and go all around the neighborhood shoving their useless pamphlets to people that look down on them in disgust, keep all the hours docked up in neat folders or journals with the words JW in black and big print.  The Watchtower society is also urging pedophile elders to turn in their state of the art apple devices, keep from abusing the flock for six months, because in six months famed attorney Edward Louis, known for his role in Pretty Woman, will assist them in buying and selling bits and pieces of all the infrastructure that they  have pocketed from the lambs trough out  the last century and Mr. Louis with his suave eyes and cock will give them the 5 billion dollars they lost paying off the families of the children that the elders sexually and mentally abused and then they can decide when the end of times will arrive.. around the month of June 2013.

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  1. I feel no pain for this cult who has ruined peoples lives,made people work for nothing for them. Brainwashed 8 million people. Kids dieing from lack of a blood transfusion. Made people shun their relatives, ending the world 12 different times. Good bye