September 19, 2014

Gilberto Ramirez owner of AireExpress arrested at Brownsville Public Library under Child Pornography Charge.

It all started with a  photograph shared on a local known Facebook page where a middle aged man is shown at the Brownsville Public Library Computer Lab saving pornographic images about women and then children.  The images caused such an uproar that local bloggers contacted the Brownsville PD to investigate the delicate matter and in a period of two weeks were able to gather evidence against Mr. Ramirez, a local known businessman that is owner of several AC shops in the Southmost Area and that was using the computers in the public library so he would not arise the suspicion of his common law wife and children due to his addiction of online porn, gambling and child pornography.

Four others individuals were also captured in the sting lead by Senior Detective Erick Lucio.  Their names and information are not available at this time, but they are being detained in the Cameron County Jail until Monday where they will undergo an extensive questioning and be able to talk befire a Judge.

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