September 21, 2014

Donald Pierce arrested after brutally killing his estranged Wife and Five Year Old Son

Latest Facebook Post from Killer Donald Pierce that has been arraigned into Cameron County Jail accused of brutally killing his estranged wife and their young son.

Diana Pierce and her five year old son whose identity has not been released to the public are the two victims that were found brutally murdered over the weekend, when relatives paid a visit to their residence located at 2300 Frankfurt Street in the City of Brownsville and became alarmed when they noticed a strong foul odor and the victim husband, Donald Pierce acting strange and screaming obscenities.

Relatives quickly called 911 and tried talking to neighbors that confirmed that in the past 4 months, Miss Pierce had attended work with a black eye and had called the authorities several times due to domestic and violent disputes in her residence where her estranged husband was involved, but neighbors and friends noted that she was never able to proceed and write up charges against her husband because of fear of retaliation against her and her family.

Brownsville PD were able to locate two decomposing bodies located in the bathroom and where able to establish that it was that of a woman in her late 30's cradling a male child that appear to be four or five years of age.  Brownsville PD quickly fanned the area when they realized that the suspect was seen fleeing from the residence on foot with a weapon in his hands, while concerned neighbors kept inside their home while the police searched the neighborhood and nearby lots.

Donald Pierce was found lying in the brush, heavily intoxicated and welding a small firearm by two Brownsville PD detectives that proceeded to take him to the County Jail where he is being held without bond.

Friends and family of the victim state that they are in shock and disbelief that their friend and her son have passed away in such horrific matter.  They stated of cameras that they did know of the abuse that she was going through but that they never thought that Donald Pierce was capable of murder and where relieved when two months ago she had separated from him and kicked him out of their residence. 

Brownsville PD is currently investigating how Mr. Pierce got access to the residence and the victim car, an autopsy has been ordered by the local coroner to learn more about the final hours of Miss Diana Pierce and her young son.

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