August 4, 2013

Local Teacher under arrest after sexual attack of a Dog.

A teacher of the year winner and local sports coach from BISD was placed under arrest after a night of partying and lewd behavior against a dog and a chicken in the corner of St Charles Street early saturday morning. Members of the Iglesia Bautista del Valle noticed a male individual kissing and fondling a dog and some sort of chicken while they were cleaning and trimming the landscape around the famous church early saturday morning and alerted the preacher, his wife and their children to contact BPD immediately with the news.

The Teacher of the year and local Football Coach assistant that has not been identified, was parked in a red
F150 Ford truck and had recently picked up the stray dog and purchased the bird in the local flea market when police approached him he denied the allegations stating that he was waiting for the church to open its doors because he needed to use the restroom.  When questioned about the animals he stated he kept them in the truck because it was hot outside.

The man in his early 50s was under the influence of cocaine and xanax and had several cans of dos equis in the floor of the truck.  Animal control were also called and they took the animals to the local shelter and are awaiting on lab tests to proof if there are signs of abuse.

Mr. Ramirez was booked at Carrizales and was set a bond of 3400 dollars and was charge with lewd behavior against an animal and driving while impaired.

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