August 20, 2013

Documents confirm Hannah Anderson and James Dimaggio were Having an Affair


The FBI just confirmed to CNN that they have reason to believe that Hannah Anderson had a sexual relationship with her abductor James Dimaggio that started when the teenager turned fourteen. Recently recovered deleted chats in their Facebook account and text messages clearly indicate that Hannah was aware of  DiMaggios intentions of running away, although is not clear if she knew that her mother and little brother were going to be killed.

The media has been paying close attention to Hannah Anderson and her public posts for friends and family hinting that maybe she is not grieving normally and already is posting pictures of herself smiling and enjoying luncheons with friends on her instagram profile.   Several clinical psychologists first hinted a problem with her behavior when she appeared all giddy and smiling at a recent family luncheon organized by her hometown to raise money for the burials of her mother and little brother that were brutally tortured and then set on fire by James Dimaggio, a long time friend of both her parents.

Friends of Dimaggio have stated on interviews that Hannah was always calling and texting dimaggio and that he had gotten too attach to the pretty teenager and was always catering to her needs, taking her to Las Vegas to see Lady Gaga and even purchasing her a brand new Iphone.  Hannah Anderson parents were aware of the gifts and friendship and even allowed Hannah to spend the night at Dimaggio's cabin in the woods, and always referred to Dimaggio as an "angel and protector of Hannah and her little brother Ethan".

Dimaggio's family wants investigators to sit down with Hannah and prosecute her for lying about being molested and kidnapped my DiMaggio and for her to take back all the statements she made to media claiming that  James Dimaggio was harassing her and that if she did not told her dad it was because she did not want the friendship to end.  Dimaggio's family want for  FBI agents to prove that Hannah enticed their son and made him kill her mother and family so she could run away and live her life as she wanted too. 

 An anonymous source close to the case and former friend of Hannah has come forward claiming that Hannah wanted to be free from her parents because she enjoyed drinking and taking drugs and that she was hopeful James Dimaggio will get her a new car and money and would help her get rid of her parents.

.  Hannah Anderson has not commented on the new allegations against her but has deactivated her Facebook account after many complaints from the media and James Dimaggio's friends questioning her cool demeanor and happy go lucky new attitude at her life without her mom and little brother.  

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  1. Sounds about true she did have pics hanging out with black guy hmmmmmm