January 8, 2013

K9 units to help Rancho Viejo Residents gather and Euthanize Packs of Feral Dogs.

As reported earlier in the Brownsville Monitor, Rancho Viejo residents have been noticing an increasing number in stray dogs or "feral dogs packs" have been attacking five cats and killed one raccoon prompting urgent attention from cameron county animal control that halted all operations in the city and drove to rancho viejo to investigate and follow the pack to the city of san benito where they noticed that indeed they had actual owners and houses they belonged too.

Rancho Viejo residents pleaded with the city commission that they needed to feel safe and secure while walking their beloved pets at night, so Brownsville PD has decided to support and assist the animal control department lending their valuable K9 ICE units to subdue and capture the pack of eleven dogs that have been seen in Rancho Viejo harassing cats and mauling raccoon's.

The Special K9 units consist of two German Shepard that have assisted Cameron County with the location of 200 pounds of meth and crack at Anzalduas International Bridge last year.  The K9 units will assist animal control officers in reeling in the strays into a special pen that is going to be built around rancho viejo's main golf course where officers will be able to taze and capture the animals.

Operation "Kill Kill Fido" will take place Friday January 11th at 10:30 p.m. and the public is invited to assist and watch how the Brownsville PD, Cameron County Animal Control and ICE agents seize and euthanize the paks of dogs that have been terrorizing Rancho Viejo residents for the past four days!...


  1. This is just wrong! if these dogs have homes why trap them in Rancho Viejo? go to the owners homes! This is wrong on so many levels!

  2. Please tell me this isn't true. There has to be a better solution.

  3. You know you could have trapped the animals took them to their owners and fined them for having them loose. If they did not pay the fine and leash their pets or put them in proper enclosures then they would face jail time. But oh no it is just so much easier to kill them. For heavens sakes if you are going to own a pet make sure you take care of them, would you let a 1 year old run around unattended? No, it is the same for pets. People grow up become responsible and stop making animals pay for your stupidity. If you do not have the knowledge take them time to read and learn. So so sad that as humans we are to be the smarter ones. I guess we keep proving that theory wrong!